University Pain Clinic of Rochester

Announcing new therapies at our advanced pain management clinic!

Pain relief can be attained without addicting drugs or repeated Steroid injections. At the University Pain Clinics, patients are seeing life-changing results from nerve ablation therapies. These treatments can be done in as little as 20 minutes as an outpatient, without general anesthesia. A simple diagnostic test to numb the painful nerves can immediately tell if you are a candidate for this therapy.

The ablation therapy involves strategically placed heat lesions, generated in a very safe and painless way. When applied to the painful nerves, can shut pain signals off for up to a year or more. This technology is being used to treat spine and pelvic pain as well as knee pain, hip pain and even certain neuropathies.

If you are tired of daily pain and dependence on addictive medications, call today to schedule a simple diagnostic injection that could lead to a more active and pain-free lifestyle.


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