Being a Chiropractor was the beginning of Dr. Spencer Bertram’s journey to be a medical doctor with a focus on chronic pain

A deep understanding of spinal anatomy and spinal dynamics was required to be a successful chiropractor and have been of great value as an MD. As a chiropractic practitioner, the rewards were abundant. Finding ways to improve quality of life, increase mobility and reduce pain with joint manipulation was an ongoing focus. As a medical doctor I now have many additional therapeutic options for my patients to achieve these goals. These include medications and cutting edge injection therapy. The focus is still to increase mobility, reduce pain and improve function. We are committed to finding unique, customized programs of treatment for every patient. Having been a chiropractor ads yet another tool to achieve success.

Dr. Bertram’s education and experience distinguishes him from most of the nation’s pain management doctors. Instead of following the traditional path he started his career as a Chiropractor. After a number of years of successful practice he went back to medical school where he graduated with honors. Following medical school Dr. Bertram was a resident for both Internal Medicine Resident and Anesthesiology at the prestigious University of Chicago. His education culminated with a Pain Management Fellowship at the University of Michigan. Dr. Bertram’s traditional pain management background, combined with his advanced understanding of spinal dynamics, make his a top choice for those who suffer from chronic or acute pain.

The new Rochester pain management clinic features the latest in medical technology like fluoroscopy imaging and procedures that are guided with Ultrasound, which allow for more accurate needle placement and medicine delivery. Each patient is treated with a multidisciplinary approach and every treatment plan is unique to their condition and treatment needs.

  • Skilled at Ultrasound guided procedures, which allow for more accurate needle placement and medicine delivery
  • Pain Management doctor with a multidisciplinary approach
  • Chiropractic background brings an enhanced education and approach
  • Trained in Anesthesiology
  • Trained in Internal Medicine
  • Lectured on chronic opioid use, low back pain, the obesity epidemic and fibromyalgia
University of Michigan trained doctor spencer bertram

Dr. Bertram was fellowship trained at the University of Michigan

University of Chicago trained doctor Spencer Bertram

He was both an Anesthesiology and Internal Medicine Resident at The University of Chicago

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