Testolone RAD-140: The Best New “SARM” on the Market

RAD-140 is a relatively new Testolone on the market. It is hailed as the next big thing in performance enhancement and muscle building, and it is gaining a following among athletes and bodybuilders alike. But what exactly is RAD-140, and how does it work? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Testolone RAD-140 and discuss its benefits, side effects, and the best dosage. We’ll also explore the science behind this compound and discuss whether or not it really lives up to the hype. So, if you’re curious about RAD-140, read on!


What is RAD-140, and how does it work?

RAD-140 is known as a selective androgen receptor modulator, or SARM for short. SARMs are compounds that mimic the effects of anabolic steroids without actually being anabolic steroids themselves. Instead, SARMS work by specifically activating certain receptors found throughout your body to elicit different effects depending on which types of tissues you want to target. SARMs such as RAD-140 target androgen receptors in skeletal muscle tissue to induce some small anabolic effects including fat loss, enhanced bone density, and improved lean mass growth.

RAD-140 is a SARM that has been found to provide these benefits without causing as many side effects as are commonly associated with traditional steroid use. Unlike actual steroids which bind themselves directly to androgen receptors in your body, SARMS like RAD-140 provide selective targeting of specific tissues in your body and only activate androgen receptors when they come in contact with them. Although the mechanisms by which this process works are still being studied, researchers have been able to develop molecules that provide targeted activation of certain tissues while leaving others alone. In the case of RAD-140, it has been found to produce slight muscle growth without causing too many negative effects, although it can cause some similar side effects that are commonly seen with traditional steroid use.


How does Testolone compare to testosterone?

RAD-140 is similar to traditional steroids like testosterone in the sense that it provides some anabolic effects throughout your entire body, although the effects are not as powerful as anabolic steroids. However, unlike traditional steroidal compounds, RAD-140 lacks some of the side effects associated with steroid use. The most common side effect of steroid use is a reduction in natural testosterone production as your body’s own natural hormone production gets suppressed by the synthetic compound. RAD-140 does not suppress testosterone production at all because it only acts on androgen receptors when it comes into contact with them. As opposed to other SARMs which also target tissues outside of muscle tissue where they can cause unwanted feminizing effects, RAD-140 specifically targets muscle tissue where its effect can provide results without causing a large amount of side effects.


So, is RAD-140 really the next big thing in bodybuilding?

The answer to that question is still up for debate since the results received from SARMs are minor compared to anabolic steroids, but there is no doubt that SARMs like RAD-140 have a lot of potential when it comes to safely achieving some improvements in muscle growth and fat loss. Although more research is needed to determine the full extent of its benefits, SARMs like RAD-140 are a popular choice for novice athletes and bodybuilders who are worried about the side effects associated with improper steroid use, so are looking to achieve their fitness goals in a safer way.

What are the main benefits of using RAD-140 (Testolone)?

RAD-140 can produce the following benefits:

  • Increased lean muscle growth – Similar to traditional steroids like Masteron or Primobolan, RAD-140 provides gains in lean muscle mass, just to a smaller extent. Unlike traditional steroids however, RAD-140 doesn’t cause excessive estrogen and dihydrotestosterone production but may cause excess progesterone production.
  • Increased fat loss – Similar to traditional steroids such as Winstrol or Anavar, RAD-140 can provide a slight reduction in body fat. The primary difference between it and other SARMs is its ability to activate Fatty Acid Synthase which leads to an increase in the rate at which adipose tissues store fatty acids so your body can use them as a source of energy later.
  • Improved strength and muscle endurance– Like the steroids Dianabol or Sustanon 250, RAD-140 can also enhance muscle performance by increasing the number of motor units being recruited during muscle contractions. This leads to a minor increase in muscle endurance, stamina, and performance levels so you can get slightly more out of your training routine.
  • Improved mental clarity– Although unproven, RAD-140 also has been said to have some benefits for cognitive function and mental clarity. It has been rumored to improve task flexibility, working memory and reaction time. Similar to the cognitive enhancement drug Modafinil.

Best feature of RAD-140 (Testolone)?

The main feature of RAD-140 is its ability to deliver some anabolic benefits without producing androgenic-related side effects associated with specific steroids like dihydrotestosterone. Since it interacts with androgen receptors only in muscle cells, it has a degree of selectivity for those tissues which means you shouldn’t suffer from negative side effects such as:

  • Decreased sperm count– RAD-140 doesn’t reduce sperm count, like some steroids can if used without proper preventative substances. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a remedy used to effectively preserve sperm count during a steroid cycle.
  • Liver toxicity– If anabolic steroids are abused for an extend amount of time without using liver care supplements for protection, this can cause some damage to the liver. There is no effect on the liver when using RAD-140.
  • Testosterone suppression– Some anabolic steroids can suppress testosterone production if aromatase inhibitors (AIs) like Anastrozole, Letrozole or Exemestane are not utilized during the cycle. However, in this case, natural testosterone production can be restored after the cycle using SERMs such as Clomiphene Citrate or Tamoxifen. RAD-140 only acts on muscle tissue, so it does not suppress testosterone production.

Using anabolic steroids safely is a complicated process, which is the reason why many people turn to prohormones or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators like RAD-140 before diving straight into steroid use, since they would prefer to attempt to achieve results in a simpler way.

The benefits of using RAD-140 are appealing for athletes and bodybuilders who want to somewhat improve their muscle growth, fat loss and performance levels in the cheapest way possible, without having to buy extra supplements for side effect prevention.


Dosage Information 

The usual dosage of RAD-140 is about 30mg taken orally per day. The half-life seems to vary greatly from person to person but it’s probably around 4 or 5 hours on average. Some people recommend splitting the dose into two separate 15mg servings instead of taking the whole amount at once which works just as well.

Do NOT exceed 40mg per day as RAD-140 can produce progesterone related side effects such as gynecomastia (gyno), water retention and increased body fat if dosages exceed this level.


What are the possible side effects of Testolone?

The most common side effects associated with RAD-140 use include:

  • Headaches –RAD-140 can cause severe headaches to the point where they become intolerable. If this happens, consider taking a diuretic or cutting back on water consumption before and after taking your dosage of RAD-140 to reduce the chances of suffering from a headache.
  • Joint pain– Users have reported feeling joint pain in their fingers when using RAD-140. This can be minimized by including Glucosamine in your supplement regimen since it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Estrogen related side effects– Since RAD-140 does not aromatize in any way whatsoever, estrogen related side effects are unlikely. However, some users have still reported experiencing these side effects at higher dosages so it’s best to start off with a lower dose and increase gradually if needed.
  • Progesterone related side effects– These side effects include gynecomastia (gyno), increased body fat and water retention. They are seen more frequently in women than in men but can still often occur in men at high dosages. If you experience any of these side effects, discontinue use and consider lowering your dosage.

Some users report breast tenderness even at normal usage levels which goes away after discontinuation so you should probably avoid this compound completely or limit yourself to one single bottle if your body reacts in this way.


RAD-140 Stacking with other SARMs

Since RAD-140 has a short half-life of roughly 5 hours, you should stack it with other SARMs if you’re trying to build bigger muscles. Things like Cardarine and YK-11 can mimic some effects of steroids so stacking them together is another way to get a cycle going with less risks of side effects.


Cycle and PCT- Is there any need?

There is no consensus on whether or not RAD-140 requires a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) protocol after discontinuation. There are two theories as far as this goes and you’ll have to decide for yourself which one you go with:

The first theory says that your body will still produce testosterone naturally so there is no reason to run a PCT afterwards because it’s simply not needed. If you do choose this option, we recommend taking at least two months off before resuming normal training and dieting.

The other theory says that you should consider running an AI drug such as Clomid and an anti-progesterone drug such as Cabergoline during the post cycle period just to speed up the recovery process and get back to work sooner rather than later.

It’s best to consult with your doctor before making any post cycle decisions regarding RAD-140 use. If you do choose to run a PCT protocol after discontinuing, it should be for at least three months to ensure that all traces of the compound are completely gone from your system.

Testolone Side Effects

Testolone Alternatives

If you’re not interested in using RAD-140, there are a few other SARMs or anabolic steroids that could be a good fit for you:

Other SARMs:

  • MK-677– This compound is known as a growth hormone secretagogue which essentially means that it can cause your body to produce more growth hormone. This can have some effects on muscle growth, fat loss and sleep quality.
  • LGD-4033– Also known as ligandrol, LGD-4033 is one of the most popular SARMs on the market right now due to its ability to cause muscle growth without as many of the side effects associated with traditional steroid use.
  • Ostarine – Ostarine is another SARM option for those looking to build muscle, lose fat and improve performance levels without as many of the side effects associated with traditional steroid use.

Steroid alternatives:

  • Testosterone (Enanthate, Cypionate, Propionate– If you’re confident that you can use traditional steroids in the correct and safe way, then everyone knows that testosterone is going to be the best substance available to enhance the body. Nothing else compares to this hormone in terms of to building muscle, burning fat, and improving performance levels. Side effects are avoidable or can be reversed with the proper use of supplements for protection.


Should you choose RAD-140 over other SARMs or steroids?

RAD-140 is a better value for your money than most other SARMs on the market right now because of its positive rating and favorable user reviews. You can see from looking at price per milligram which works out to be less expensive than similar compounds such as MK-2866, LGD-4033 and Ibutamoren. It may be slightly more powerful than other SARMs, but when it comes to comparing it to anabolics, steroids are the most powerful compounds in terms of delivering results.


How do you use Testolone properly?

If you’re a first-time user, we recommend starting with a dosage around 25mg per day for at least three weeks to see how your body reacts before increasing the dosage upwards or downwards as needed. If you’re stacking RAD-140 with other SARMs, you’ll need to use the same dosage of each compound for optimum results.

The half-life of RAD-140 is around 24 hours so it’s best to dose twice a day with at least six hours in between each serving. The reason for this is that your body doesn’t become tolerant to the effects of RAD-140 over time and if you begin using it more than twice a day you run into problems with fatigue and general lethargy during the cycle which will make it harder for you to get through your workouts successfully. Once again, we recommend consulting with your doctor before starting any new supplement routine.


What to expect from RAD-140?

RAD-140 is a SARM which has benefits including increased energy levels, improved cardiovascular health, muscle gains and the ability to lose body fat while maintaining some lean muscle mass.

RAD-140 can be used for bulking or cutting depending on your individual circumstances whereas most other SARMs are better suited to one specific goal over the other. If you use this compound properly, you should see results within 10 days of starting your first cycle which will continue throughout the recommended 8 weeks of use.


Product Reviews: Customers Testimonials about Testolone

  1. James Cardin (August 15, 2021):I’ve been using RAD-140 for about a month now and I have to say that I’m happy with the results. I’ve been able to pack on about 5 pounds of muscle while simultaneously losing body fat which is okay for me. The energy levels that this compound gives me are noticeable and I’ve only experienced headaches as a side effect. I recommend giving this stuff a try if you’re looking to take your training up a level.
  2. Arthur Moore (July 10, 2021):I’m in my late 50s and have been using RAD-140 for about six weeks now. I can tell it’s helped my performance in the gym and my overall health feels better. My wife’s saying that I look younger now but that might just be her trying to make me feel good! I plan on continuing to use this compound for as long as my doctor allows.
  3. Dave Harris (June 8, 2021): RAD-140 is one of the supplements I use. It’s helped me lose around 7 pounds of fat while maintaining some muscle at the same time. This stuff does work, I recommend it if you’re looking to drop body fat or improve your performance in the gym on a tight budget.
  4. Ronald Milton (May 5, 2021):RAD-140 has changed my physique and it’s also improved my energy levels during training sessions. It increases my mental focus in the gym, but I do feel a lot more fatigued after training.
  5. Steve Hill (April 5, 2021): I started using RAD-140 approximately nine weeks ago and have already seen some results. My recovery time is much shorter now as well as my workout sessions are more intense than they were before. The compound is good for me during my cut phases to help maintain lean muscle while losing BF.
  6. Albert Morgan (March 4, 2021):I recommend trying RAD-140 if you’re looking to improve your training. This compound has helped me put on a few pounds of muscle over six weeks. The energy levels that I experience while using RAD-140 are good and I haven’t had any side effects other than a little joint pain which is more than I can say for some of the other SARMs that I’ve tried in the past.
  7. Aries Pagkaliwangan (April 7, 2021):I’m a personal trainer and I’ve been using RAD-140 for about two months now with some good results. I’ve been able to help my clients achieve results in a shorter time period than before. The increased energy levels that this compound provides is beneficial during training sessions as it allows us to push a little harder and achieve more in a shorter time frame. If you’re looking for a milder and safer alternative to steroids then I recommend giving RAD-140 a try.
  8. Pixel Den (May 9, 2021):RAD-140 has helped me pack on an additional 8 pounds of lean muscle over about 6 weeks which I’m happy with. I’ve been taking this SARM for eight weeks now and have had increased energy levels for training sessions as a result. I’d recommend RAD-140 as a pre-workout supplement.
  9. James Dukes (June 12, 2021):RAD-140 is one of the best SARMs I’ve used, most SARMs don’t do a lot for me but this one has actually helped improve my performance in the gym a little.
  10. Samuel Smith (May 9, 2021): I use RAD-140 and can say some good things about this SARM. It helps me train harder for longer periods of time, but I do feel tired or sore afterwards which isn’t an issue. Like the increased libido aspect also.



FAQs about RAD-140:

Is Testolone a steroid?

No, RAD-140 is not a steroid and it doesn’t fall into the same category. Steroids such as Dianabol or Anadrol are mostly used for muscle building and bulking purposes whereas SARM’s like RAD-140 can be used year-round to improve performance in the gym.

What is the half-life of RAD-140?

The half-life of RAD-140 is somewhere around 42 hours which means that you’ll have to dose this stuff twice a day to maintain stable blood levels in your system.

What does RAD-140 do?

RAD-140 has been known to increase fat loss, improve bone density and help prevent osteoporosis, increase lean muscle mass, reduce body fat percentage, improve libido and function, improve cardiovascular health by increasing HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and lowering LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), improving insulin sensitivity, promote healthier sleep habits and more.

Is Testolone a good beginner compound?

Yes! Most people who are new to the world of SARMs usually start with RAD-140 as it is one of the safest ones on the market due to it being orally active. This means that you won’t have to bother with injections which makes it more accessible for most people who are just getting their feet wet in this arena.

How does RAD-140 compare to traditional bulking compounds?

RAD-140 is used for bulking but it will not be as effective as many of the traditional bulking compounds (such as Dianabol and Anadrol). However, most SARMs like RAD-140 will remain effective even after metabolization so even if you’re cycling off, it’ll keep working efficiently throughout your entire body’s endocrine system.

Is Testolone hepatotoxic?

No, there is no data that shows that RAD-140 is hepatotoxic, which means that it can be used by those who are currently dealing with liver problems or those who have a history of medical issues in this area.

Is RAD-140 toxic to the kidneys?

No, there has been no data to show that RAD-140 will cause any kidney damage at all due to the fact that it only stays active in your system for up to 42 hours.

Is RAD-140 legal and safe?

Yes, RAD-140 is legal and can be considered safe by some people who have used it. There are not many side effects associated with this compound, so you don’t have to worry about anything severe happening when you decide to use it.

Final Thoughts: Does Testolone really work?

RAD-140 offers users a safer alternative to steroid use which causes less side effects and is still fairly effective at triggering muscle growth. At present, SARMs are still legal but nobody can say how long that will last so if this is something that interests you then now is the time to get started. Don’t wait until they ban this stuff because by then it will be too late.

If you have never used SARMs before, this would be a good one to start with due to its high safety profile at low dosage levels.

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  1. RAD-140 is undoubtedly top-notch. Incredible outcomes for two weeks, I began by taking 1 cap twice daily. I started taking three medications once a day during my third week. That’s when I first noticed a change. Stacking RAD-140 with Testosterone Propionate, I felt like my libido was being artificially enhanced. The feeling I get from a single dose of Test P is multiplied by several folds when stacked with RAD-140. I cant find any Testolone Alternatives aside from RAD-140!

  2. I have been using RAD-140 (Testolone) for a while now and I can say with certainty that it is one of the best Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators out there. The Testolone benefits are amazing, and the half-life of RAD-140 is great too. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a great SARM.

  3. Just sharing my experience. The half-life of RAD-140 is 12 hours. This means that the body will eliminate half of the RAD-140 in your system within 12 hours. The benefits of using RAD-140 include increased lean muscle mass, improved strength, and enhanced endurance. The perfect dosage of RAD-140 is typically 20 mg per day.

  4. The results from my friend’s repeated use of RAD-140 (Testolone) are outstanding. He has gained a tremendous amount of muscle. All of the ingredients have been examined and are of the highest caliber. He suggested it to me, and I’ll be placing my first order right away, followed by more. RAD-140 is legal and effective.

  5. I was really curious about the effects of Testolone. My testosterone level was 420ng/dL when I had blood work done before using it. Three weeks later, for a different reason, I had another blood test, and my levels had risen to 475ng/dL. My experience with RAD-140 is anecdotal, but given that my blood test results speak for themselves, it is undoubtedly worth sharing. I haven’t experience any side effects of Testolone as well!

  6. I’ve been using RAD-140 (Testolone) for a little over two weeks now and I’m really happy with the results. I’m seeing the benefits of using RAD-140 such as an increase in strength and stamina, and my recovery time after workouts has decreased. I’m also noticing an increase in lean muscle mass with this SARM.

  7. I’ve been power building for the past 5 years, but I’ve recently struck a brick wall. This isn’t a miracle drug by any means; you need to have everything else in line for it to work. However, if your diet and programming are on point, you will undoubtedly notice a difference. I started taking a 30-day cycle of RAD-140 stacking with other SARMs, and I gained 5 pounds within the first month of taking it. My bench has also increased by about 20 pounds. The effects of RAD-140 also seem to last longer than traditional steroids, with a noticeable increase in strength lasting up to 2 weeks after my cycle.

  8. I tried RAD-140 for the first time last week and I was really impressed! The dosage of RAD-140 was perfect for me and I felt its effects within minutes. I experienced an intense feeling of focus and energy, without any negative side effects. The half-life of RAD-140 was also really impressive, lasting for several hours. Overall, I’m really happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators!

  9. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators like RAD-140 are a great product; my husband has used them for eight months. He has been abstaining from it for a week. His exercises have been improved, and he has noticed a slight muscle increase. I’ve tried it, and it seems to improve my mood and give me more energy. Testolone compares to testosterone, and it has helped with my low libido. This is something I will continue to use as part of my daily routine, and we both recommend this product.

  10. Since taking 3–4 RAD-140 pills per day for around 3 weeks, I have unquestionably added muscle. I’m 43 and have never done trt/hrt, but I’ve been debating it for the past few months. I decided to give this a shot before turning to medication. As the newest supplement in my supplement, RAD-140 stacking cycle, I have to say it’s been a pleasant surprise so far. I was expecting a 1.5 lb gain per week but have consistently gained 2 lbs in 7 days. This is great to expect from RAD-140!

  11. I’ve dominated every steroid and HGH type I’ve ever used, but I’m currently on my first Testolone RAD-140 cycle and I’m pleasantly impressed by the pump and hardness it offers. It won’t make you gain 20 pounds in 8 weeks like Test and Tren, but I still think highly of it. This SARM is a great addition to my arsenal and I will continue to use it.

  12. Testolone complements my pre-workout supplements. Its half-cycle lasts 16–18 hours, so a 10mg dosage of RAD-140 is a perfect dosage. When it kicks in, you can also anticipate an increase in aggressiveness. For results to be noticeable, avoid using any BCAA supplements. The benefits of using RAD-140 (Testolone) are more noticeable if you’re doing cardio and lifting heavy weights. In this case, I would recommend taking it before your workout.

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