Superdrol Review: How To Cycle, Stack, and Other Information

Superdrol is sometimes referred to as a “super” variant of the anabolic steroid Anadrol due to its heightened anabolic and muscle-building characteristics. This anabolic steroid is generally recognized as one of the most efficient oral mass-gaining drugs available today.

What is Superdrol?

Superdrol is a synthetic steroid. This shows that it was built intentionally to bypass steroid testing protocols. It is a steroid, even though many people mistakenly call it a prohormone or even a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM).

Methyldrostanolone and methasterone are the scientific names of Superdrol, an anabolic steroid. It is largely regarded as the most potent and effective oral anabolic steroid used during the previous decade.

The sole distinguishing characteristic between Superdol and Masteron is that Masteron lacks an ester chain. Superdol is comparable to Masteron. The brand name “Superdrol” was created from the combination of the terms “super” and “anadrol.”

Superdrol is a fantastic steroid for growing muscle growth during bulking, but some bodybuilders also take it during reducing cycles since it generates extremely dry, firm gains without bloating or water retention.

In the 1950s, medical scientists interested in creating an anti-tumor medication conceived Superdrol.

Unfortunately, this was not achievable, but the researchers did find that the oral steroid led to considerable gains in the participants’ lean muscle mass and strength. In spite of this, Superdolw was not released to the public until 2005.


History and Overview

Superdrol is unquestionably an anabolic steroid in every definition of the term. In spite of this, it is one of the anabolic steroid possibilities that is genuinely unique for a number of reasons, making it one of the most popular selections.

This anabolic steroid, which was produced by the business Anabolic Extreme, was only superdrol belatedly put on the list of restricted drugs in the United States.

Since its debut to the market in 2005 (when it was sold by almost every major supplement business and fitness facility), Superdrol has had a great lot of success supporting serious athletes in reshaping their bodies far faster than they ever imagined possible.

Unfortunately, Superdrol was removed off the market at the end of 2012 as a result of substantial FDA pressure. In 2008, the over-the-counter sale of Superdrol was suspended awaiting the reclassification of the steroid. By the middle of 2012, this anabolic steroid has also been added to the banned substances list and classified as Schedule III.

Companies have been devoting a great deal of time and energy to identifying new uses for the major active ingredients contained in Superdrol and other formulations in an attempt to provide the consumer market with the same outcomes. There have been few, but none have been able to entirely reproduce the recipe that made the original so successful.

Superdrol is a groundbreaking steroid in the bodybuilding community. Some have buy superdrol uk had some success, but none have been able to recreate the recipe in its entirety.

In recent times, Superdrol is seeing somewhat of a resurgence, despite the fact that it is virtually completely manufactured abroad. It will be more difficult to get Superdrol in the United States than it was in 2005 and 2006, when it was available over-the-counter.

Purchasing it in the United States involves a degree of danger owing to a number of variables, and although you won’t be compelled to purchase it entirely on the black market, obtaining Superdrol will be substantially more difficult than it was before.

Chemical Properties of The Drug

Methyldrostanolone, the active steroid hormone, is the true backbone of the Superdrol composition. Methyldrostanolone is an anabolic steroid that has extra methyl groups at the carbon position and is generated from DHT.

When administered intravenously, it quickly increases anabolic strength.

This is why Superdrol was a revolutionary step forward for legal steroid use, why the FDA went after it so hard, and why it remains a Schedule III drug in the United States to this day.

In terms of its entire composition, however, Superdrol has an anabolic rating of 400, which is among the highest anabolic ratings of any commercially available steroid today.

On the other hand, its androgenic rating is only 20, which is a startlingly low figure for something that is so powerful and potent in terms of muscle growth.

Due to this, Superdrol is able to provide spectacular muscle-building results without creating the dangerous and possibly life-threatening side effects that other strong anabolic steroids eventually create.

There is nothing particularly unusual about Superdrol that is apparent at first glance.

Superdrol seems rather moderate and ineffectual in comparison to other steroids of the same class. After researching all that this anabolic steroid has to offer, as well as the science and chemistry behind it, it becomes evident that this is a genuinely effective choice for athletes and bodybuilders seeking to boost their results rapidly.

This anabolic steroid increases both the process of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. The more nitrogen that the muscle cells are able to retain as a result of Superdrol will significantly contribute to the development of new muscular tissue.

Even if they are in a calorie deficit, bodybuilders and athletes are now able to produce more lean muscle growth in a much shorter period of time. This is because all of these factors create a very anabolic environment.

Superdrol is often used by bodybuilders who are attempting to increase their muscularity while cutting in preparation for a competition. On the market, there are not that many anabolic steroids that can do this.

It is easy to see why so many folks choose to utilize Superdrol. In the end, it is a potent anabolic steroid that has been shown to be effective.

Superdrol’s Mechanism of Action

Methyldrostanolone is the real steroid hormone in action while taking Superdrol. The 17th carbon position has been modified by the addition of a methyl group, resulting in a structurally distinct version of drostanolone.

A methyl group has also been added to the carbon 2 position. Due to these adjustments, this drug’s anabolic potential has been greatly improved, and its current anabolic activity rating is 400.

Superdrol’s Benefits

Muscle mass

Superdrol has been shown to generate a positive nitrogen balance inside the cells that make up our muscles. The larger the quantity of nitrogen stored in our muscles, the more rapidly protein is synthesized.

As a result, Superdrol results in increased protein synthesis rates. This, in turn, stimulates the rehabilitation and repair of injured muscle tissue as well as the formation of new, bigger and more strong muscular protein tissues.

Promotes Quicker Recovery

Recovery is a crucial component of any exercise regimen, since without it, your muscles will not develop and will instead be broken down. Your muscles will be ruined if you do not recuperate.

If this occurs, your body will be in a catabolic condition, which means you will lose muscle, and when you exercise at the gym, your muscles will not be able to function to their full potential.

Utilizing Superdrol will boost your recuperation rates, causing you to become larger and stronger. You will also recover considerably faster after a workout, allowing you to be just as busy the following day at the gym.

Hard Gains

You want your body to reflect your efforts to get larger and stronger. Some bulking anabolic steroids might cause you to become bloated and puffy, giving you the appearance of being washed out. This is not an appropriate way to introduce oneself.

Superdrol, on the other hand, is a bulking steroid that promotes solid and dry growth. This indicates that you will not experience any bloating or water retention while building muscle. This means that your definition and vascularity are obvious, giving the appearance that you are muscular and ripped rather than bloated and puffy.

Enhanced Endurance and Physical Capacity

An additional benefit of utilizing Superdrol that is sometimes overlooked is that it has been shown to lead to an increase in athletic performance.

You may take Superdrol to increase your energy, endurance, and intensity in the gym, which is beneficial whether or not you engage in sports.

This is because it stimulates a greater rate of red blood cell formation, which is the source of this effect. Since oxygen is necessary for the creation of energy in the cells of our bodies, the greater their oxygen concentration, the more energy they can generate.

If you increase your red blood cell production, you may increase the quantity of oxygen and nutrients carried via your circulation to your cells.

This signifies that they contain more fuel, which will provide you with more energy and make your muscles more efficient. Some athletes opt to practice at high elevations since it has the same impact as training at sea level, namely that it boosts the creation of red blood cells.

Risks and Side Effects


Vasoconstriction causes an abrupt increase in blood pressure, which is produced by Superdrol’s drastic impact on the ratio of HDL to LDL cholesterol in the body.

Superdrol should be regarded one of the most harmful anabolic steroids for one’s blood pressure for the following reasons:

As an oral steroid, Superdrol stimulates the hepatic lipase enzyme in the liver, resulting in dramatic alterations in cholesterol levels.

Many bodybuilders see the fact that Superdrol does not convert to estrogen as a positive, since it assures that they will not have gyno or water retention as a consequence of taking it. On the other side, there are a number of advantages linked with elevated estrogen levels, including enhanced cholesterol management (with higher levels combating hypertension).

Liver Toxicity

Due to the fact that Superdrol is a C-17 alpha alkylated steroid, the greatest danger linked with its usage is liver damage.

Due to the methylation of Superdrol, the chemical is essentially broken down twice. Comparable like throwing a bomb on the liver.

It would be smart to take 500 mg of tucda per day for the length of a Superdrol cycle in order to offer the best amount of liver protection feasible. However, the most recommended course of action would be to refrain entirely from using Superdrol.


Superdrol’s androgenic rating is merely 20, which is a very low figure for a muscle-builder. On the other hand, this score does not represent the actual effects of Superdrol, which are known to be very androgenic.

Consequently, male pattern baldness, an enlarged prostate, and acne all have the potential to interact.

If ladies choose to use Superdrol, they will almost probably produce virilization indications.

Testosterone Suppression

Anabolic steroid-induced hypogonadism is the outcome of Superdrol’s powerful and detrimental impact, which leads to anabolic steroid-induced hypogonadism.

It will take many weeks, or more likely months, for the body to recover back to normal testosterone levels, which is equivalent to stopping the body’s natural production of testosterone.

To restore endogenous testosterone production to normal levels, it is advised that a robust PCT be administered.

Users should refrain from utilizing further steroids until their testosterone levels return to normal. Using more steroids will only exacerbate this impact.


In spite of the fact that this steroid does not aromatize, some users have experienced minor gyno and sensitive nips. This is because the steroid absorbs more SHBG activity, which makes it possible for a greater proportion of the body’s free testosterone to be transformed into estrogen.

Dosage Recommendations

As I’ve referred to several times, Superdrol is a chemical with an unusually high level of activity.

The overwhelming majority of male drug users do not need daily dosages more than 10–20 mg. Even this incredibly tiny amount is enough to cause some of the severe adverse effects we’ve been discussing.

It is likely that utilizing Superdrol at even lower dosages as part of a stack might be more sensible. By doing so, side effects may be avoided.

Depending on your goals, the suggested daily dose for this medication ranges from 20 mg to 40 mg. Some men remain on a cycle for up to 12 weeks, which may have detrimental implications on liver function.

Even on the first day of usage, the substance may cause liver damage. Inadequate rest and recuperation time for the liver will simply hasten the issues’ progression toward permanent status.

Due to the notion that liver support decreases the likelihood of adverse effects, the use of on-cycle support for men undergoing superdrol cycles has become commonplace.

How To Cycle Superdrol

Fast and substantial gains are almost guaranteed when this steroid is used in the first four to six weeks of a cycle, making superdrol a go-to for many bodybuilders.

In the latter portion of the cycle, most athletes opt for injectable steroids with a slower rate of action. This substance allows users to consolidate the gains obtained on methasterone while continuing to advance in strength.

The average beginning dosage for an oral Superdrol cycle is between 10 and 20 mg per day. Some seasoned customers find that daily doses of 30 to 40 mg are sufficient to sustain their desired results. At these levels, it is far more probable that undesirable consequences may occur.

Historically, this medication has interacted successfully with the great majority of injectable steroids or other hormones that lack a c-17aa alteration. Consider that your liver will not be able to metabolize another oral steroid when stacked with superdrol.

Deca durabolin is the ideal ingredient to stack with Superdrol when it comes to building muscle growth. In contrast, when it comes to cutting, trenbolone is the greatest supplement to stack with Superdrol.

Because this steroid is very durable and difficult to break down, the manufacturer advises against taking it for more than four weeks. A prolonged duration of use may result in serious liver damage.

Superdrol Vs. Dianabol Vs. Anadrol

If you are interested in broadening your steroid choices, you might also explore utilizing Dianabol or Anadrol as possible alternatives to Superdrol. In terms of what they are able to supply and the possible harmful effects you may face, they are all fairly diverse from one another.

Some individuals assume that Superdrol is a more potent version of Anadrol; however, this is not the case, especially in terms of the ability to increase muscle growth.

Anadrol has the ability to provide substantially greater flexibility in terms of bulk growth compared to Superdrol. In this aspect, Superdrol has a substantial benefit over Anadrol: it does not produce water retention.

Even though Dianabol is usually recognized as one of the most efficient and potent anabolic steroids, it has aromatizing effects, while Superdrol does not.

Due to this, consuming Dianabol will result in gyno and water retention, both of which will need to be managed.

Even though anadrol is not an aromatizing substance, it is nevertheless possible for it to cause gyno and other estrogenic adverse effects.

As a consequence, Superdrol is the only anabolic steroid among these three that is guaranteed to not generate estrogenic adverse effects. This may be a decisive factor for users who are particularly sensitive to the estrogenic effects of the drug or would want to avoid them.

Dianabol is less androgenic than other anabolic steroids, therefore users who are more susceptible to androgenic side effects, such as hair loss, may find that Dianabol better matches their requirements.

These three anabolic steroids each possess a distinct set of advantages that contribute to their effectiveness. In comparison to the other three chemicals, Superdrol presents the highest risk of liver damage. Anadrol is recognized as one of the safest anabolic steroids when compared to others.

Because Superdrol was never utilized in medical practice, as opposed to Dianabol and Anadrol, there is less evidence on the benefits and drawbacks of its usage. In addition, when it comes to buying, Superdrol is often the hardest of the three to get.

When determining which chemical to use, you must take all of these factors into account. Regardless of whatever one you choose, you may expect tremendous muscular and strength improvements in a pretty short period of time.

What to Expect from Superdrol Use

You may expect some great quality mass gains with Superdrol, and although they won’t be as large as the gains you can get with some of the more strong steroid compounds, they will come without any extra fluid retention or gyno since Superdrol does not aromatize.

These benefits will not be accompanied by any negative side effects. Superdrol is not, however, only a chemical for growing muscle growth by itself. It may be used for practically all bodybuilding and body composition objectives, including bulking, cutting, and off-season usage.

Despite the fact that the training season is not at its best, you may continue to get the advantages of Superdrol owing to its capacity to speed up the metabolism. You will be able to generate gains that are not compromised throughout the off-season, as well as retain current gains in a more effective way, preventing muscle tissue loss.

When cutting, you will feel the same impact as when bulking: Superdrol will put your body into a highly anabolic condition, which will promote fat burning without the loss of lean muscle mass, despite consuming less calories than normal.

Superdrol’s effects, which do not create water retention or bloating, provide a harsh, dry look, which is difficult or even impossible to accomplish with many other popular substances. This may be compared to the outcomes that can be achieved with the compound Masteron, which is essentially identical to it.

Enhanced recuperation, as well as gains in strength and stamina, are additional performance-enhancing benefits. These consequences, which are often overlooked despite their crucial importance, will play a key role in enhancing your performance and, as a result, will expedite the attainment of your objectives.

Your exercises will become more effective, enabling you to cram more into each session while also lowering the time required for recuperation.

PCT Recommendations

As a consequence of using Superdrol, testosterone levels will decrease in male users. Because this is, in the great majority of instances, an extraordinarily severe degree of suppression, prompt post-cycle treatment will be necessary. After your Superdrol cycle is over, your regular testosterone levels will be very low.

This condition of low testosterone will endure for an extended period of time and be accompanied by a broad variety of unfavorable effects, despite the fact that it will progressively recover over time.

PCT will enhance testosterone production throughout this period to avoid this from occurring and guarantee regular bodily function. To stimulate an increase in testosterone levels, it is feasible to conduct a normal PCT cycle consisting of Clomid and/or Nolvadex.

This will make it feasible to sustain muscular gains and limit the possibility of fat accumulation, which generally occurs when testosterone levels decline.

You will not have to struggle with other symptoms of low testosterone, such as weariness and lower libido.

The timing and length of your post-cycle treatment (PCT) cycle will also be dictated by any other medications taken in conjunction with Superdrol. Generally, four to six weeks is enough.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Superdrol enhance testosterone?

Superdrol has not been shown to increase testosterone levels. Because Superdrol significantly reduces the amount of testosterone your body naturally generates, you need to nearly always add a testosterone-based steroid in your cycle to maintain healthy testosterone levels.

If you do not have this, you will enter a condition of very low testosterone, which will result in energy loss, libido loss, difficulties growing muscle, fat increase, exhaustion, and sadness. Without this, you will reach this condition.

How long does it take Superdrol to work?

It can often begin operating within two hours or less. Within a few days, you may begin to see favorable benefits, such as an increase in strength, which will allow you to supercharge your exercises early in a cycle. You will be lifting larger weights for longer durations, which will accelerate your improvements.

Which is more powerful, Superdrol or Dianabol?

To determine which steroid is preferable to another, search for one that may supply you with the desired outcomes without producing adverse effects. There is no one steroid that is superior to all others; for certain persons with particular aims, the Dianabol cycle will be the ideal option, while for others, Superdrol will be the better choice.

How damaging is Superdrol to your health?

Any anabolic steroid may negatively affect a person’s health if it is taken inappropriately or in excess. One of the hazards linked with the use of Superdrol is that it may be liver toxic.

Individuals with existing liver issues should not take this steroid for this reason. Even healthy individuals must not utilize the product for more than eight weeks at a time. Another manner in which Superdrol may be hazardous to your health is its potential to increase your levels of bad cholesterol.

Is Superdrol suitable for cutting cycles?

Superdrol is often utilized during the cutting phase of a weight reduction program since it is so effective at aiding in the preservation of lean muscle tissue when on a calorie-restricted diet.

Can Superdrol be used on its own?

Superdrol may be included in a cycle either on its own or as part of a stack. This steroid is known to stack well with a broad range of anabolic steroids, however testosterone is the most frequent stacking partner, since it may be taken in either a cutting or bulking cycle.

Where am I able to get Superdrol?

Methyldrostanolone is one of the less often used anabolic steroids; hence, acquiring it might be difficult. It was formerly a medicine that could be acquired without a prescription, but that practice has since been halted, and it is now only available on the black market.

As with other anabolic steroids, it is illegal to purchase or use Superdrol in the majority of nations throughout the globe since it is a prohibited drug. In addition to being unlawful to purchase or use, Superdrol is also outlawed by anti-doping agencies across the globe.

Does Superdrol aromatize?

There is no aromatization associated with Superdrol usage. This means that it will not cause the adverse effects often linked with high estrogen levels, such as gynecomastia and fluid retention. If you’re solely taking Superdrol, you won’t need any anti-estrogen medicines to manage these negative effects.

This is because Superdrol decreases estrogen synthesis naturally. It also means that any muscular gains you see will not be the product of a rise in water weight, and that you will not have the bloated look associated with the usage of many other anabolic steroids.

Final Thoughts

Superdrol has the power to boost almost every area of the body transformation process, including the growth of muscle, the loss of fat and the definition of the physique, the augmentation of strength, and overall performance and recuperation. This anabolic steroid does not promote gynecomastia or water retention, resulting in lean and high-quality increases. Consequently, it is a great option for usage in cutting cycles.

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  1. Within hours, using Superdrol started to act, and I felt stronger during my workout. On every rep, I could still feel swole. One thing you can expect from Superdrol use is the vascularity. I became more vascular than ever before, and if you are looking to get your veins popping, then this is the product for you.

  2. I was able to get Superdrol and it has been the best supplement for me by far. I’ve been following a strict diet and working out for months now. Every other supplement I’ve tried doesn’t compare to Superdrol. The result of Superdrol are a fat free body with a six pack. My wife even noticed the difference (bigger arms, shoulders and chest). I have heard of other product that have similar results but they were to costly and hard to find.

  3. Buying Superdrol for about 2 years now and there are a few reasons why. This product is not only good for bulking purposes but also for cutting. It also provides promising results in just 2 weeks! In my profession, it can be difficult to find natural products that don’t cause side effect like irritability, headaches and insomnia. I’ve never had any of these problems with, only advantages of Superdrol.

  4. I started taking using Superdrol back in November and was amazed by the results. I was able to put on 20 pounds of new muscle in 2 months and my strength increased dramatically. My chest grew from 38″ to 43″, my arms went from 18″ to 20.5″, and my weight went from 180 pounds all the way up to 220 pounds. Also, be aware of the length of a Superdrol cycle. It is a 17-alpha alkylated steroid, and it will put some stress on your liver. Because of this, I would recommend taking the minimum dose for 4 weeks and no longer than 6 weeks at a time.

  5. As a competitive bodybuilder, I began using utilizing Superdrol to help me recover more quickly and get in some extra sessions with my coach. After 6 months of using Superdrol, I have noticed significant growth and improvement in my strength. Superdrol results are very noticeable in the gym. I am stronger and more vascular than I have ever been before. Superdrol does not aromatize, which is a common problem with other prohormones on the market today. There were no side effects with Superdrol.

  6. For your first circle, I highly recommend Cycle Superdrol with 10ml of Ultimate Test. Incredible outcomes. And make sure you take a liver protector along with it. You’ll undoubtedly gain 10 kilos. I experienced that two months ago. Oral Superdrol cycle is extremely effective.

  7. If your BF is low, utilizing Superdrol will drastically alter your physique in a matter of days. You will have crazy pumps and be really powerful. I first developed stretchmarks on my chest when using 20mg of Superdrol. Methyldrostanolone is a derivative of DHT. It is very popular in the fitness world. I would classify Superdrol as an advanced compound. While there are many men who can use this drug and not have issues, it is not for beginners.

  8. Let me tell you, Superdrol’s effects is the real deal. Even though I didn’t have a big fitness background, I found in Superdrol review that I was able to train harder, recover faster and feel sharper. One thing I really noticed right away was that I could train more often than ever before. I lost 10 lbs in my first 2 weeks and my muscles are rock hard. I tried other products that were close to as good but none of them give you the same amazing boost that Superdrol does. For any bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast looking for a real kick in the butt, Superdrol is for you!

  9. The sale of Superdrol is also very expensive, but it is worth it. I consumed half a pill in the morning and half a pill after dinner. I looked wonderful and became slimmer and fuller. I put TE 200 on top of it. Superdrol enhances testosterone production. Make sure you don’t take it for longer than 8 weeks because it can be a little harsh on the stomach.

  10. What else is there to say about a Cycle Superdrol, but just WOW. You’ll feel the effects of this within a week, and you’ll quickly start to firm up and gain weight. Superdrol’s benefits are not just limited to that, but also include increased vascularity, strength and energy.

  11. I’ve been using Superdrol for the past couple of years and it’s been great. I was a little hesitant to take Superdrol at first because of all the negative things I had heard about oral steroids, but after a few months on this product, I’m seeing a huge difference in my strength, muscle density and body fat. The oral steroid Superdrol really does work and I would recommend it to anyone looking to take their bodybuilding routine to the next level.

  12. I’ve been taking testosterone stacked with Superdrol for three weeks, and I already noticed gains after the first week. I’m taking gear to support my kidneys, liver, and other organs. I also get enough water. The effects of Superdrol are good. I’ve gained about 4 pounds with a lean muscular look.

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